• Meeting FAQs

    Code of Conduct

    Q: What is the Ethical Responsibility and Professional and Personal Conduct Code? 

    Conference Registration

    Q: How do I register for a meeting?

    Q: Where do I download a registration form?

    Q. Am I a member of AFPM?

    Q: How do I pay for registration?

    Q: Will I receive a badge in the mail before the meeting?

    Q: Will I receive a receipt for payment?

    Q: Will I receive confirmation of my registration?

    Q: How do I edit my meeting registration?

    Q: How do I register another individual?

    Q: If I am unable to attend the meeting is there a fee for cancelling my registration?

    Q: Can I cancel my registration by phone?

    Q: Is registration to any meeting limited to a specific number of people?

    Q: If I decide at the last minute to attend the meeting, should I send my registration form to the office or should I register on site?

    Q: If I register on site, will I receive a confirmation of payment after the meeting?

    Q: How do I contact the AFPM Meetings Department?

    Conference Housing

    Q: How do I make a hotel reservation?

    Q: How do I change my hotel reservation?

    Q: What is the hotel cancellation policy?

    Q: Is the hotel guarantee charged to my credit card when I make my reservation?


    Q: Do all AFPM Meetings have exhibits associated with them?


    Q: If I apply for an exhibit space, does this register me for the conference?

    Q: Do I have to be an AFPM member to apply for exhibit space?

    Q: Can I apply for exhibit space on-line?

    Q: Can I apply for next year's exhibit on-site at this year's show?

    Q: If I apply for an exhibit space, does this guarantee me a spot in the show?

    Q: How are booths assigned?

    Press Registration

    Q: What is AFPM's Press Registration Policy?